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St Athanasius - The Achievements of the Incarnation
09 Nov 10:00 AM
Until 09 Nov, 04:00 PM 6h

St Athanasius - The Achievements of the Incarnation

Ripon College Cuddesdon, Oxford Ripon College Cuddesdon, Wheatley Road, Cuddesdon, Oxford, UK

The life of St Athanasius (c. 295 - 373 AD) the “fiery bishop of Alexandria” is intimately connected with the fourth century formation of the doctrine of the Trinity.  He played a vital role in securing this doctrine in the aftermath of the landmark Church council at Nicaea in 325 AD.  Over the best part of 45 years, he was a forceful and successful advocate of the creedal formula hammered out at Nicaea (which affirmed the full divinity of Christ) in the face of strong “Arian” opposition.

In the process of his campaign, Athanasius travelled widely in both the Western and Eastern parts of the Roman Empire, challenged emperors face to face, was exiled 5 times for his trouble, and lived in hiding alongside monks.

During his career, he also found time to compose an inspirational treatise on the event of the Incarnation, which has been seen as a classic text ever since. His writings speak powerfully of the full divinity of God made man in Christ, and the (salvific) implications of this event for humanity.

However, according to some more recent scholars, Athanasius is not completely guileless, but may have exerted a little too much force in his dealings with some of those who disagreed with his views...

This course will provide an overview of Athanasius’ life and work, especially his involvement in the evolution of the doctrine of the Trinity which took shape in the 4th century. We will also use excepts of his text “On the Incarnation” as the vehicle with which to understand his (classically Eastern) view of salvation and start to consider some of the numberless “achievements of the incarnation”.

This is the third in a series focussing on four important figures from early Egyptian Christianity, spanning the late-second to mid-fifth centuries.  Each course will provide an introduction to the individual in question, covering their life, work and unique contribution to the issues of their day with the aim to provide inspiration and provoke reflection for us in our contemporary setting.

Do I need to have any previous knowledge?
Absolutely no previous knowledge of Church history or theology is assumed (although clergy or readers with some background knowledge will still find much of interest).  If you’ve read all the way down to this bit and are still interested, you’re sufficiently qualified to attend!

Coffee, tea and a selection of non-caffeinated teas will be provided during breaks, along with a variety of sugary snacks and biscuits.  Please bring a favourite mug on the day.

You will also need to bring your own packed lunch.  Please note that there are no options to purchase food locally!

Course Location
The location for this Study Day is the Davison Room at Ripon College Cuddesdon.

Can I just turn up on the day?
No!  Please book in advance. (We don’t want to run out of sweet treats…)

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